Distant Flame

Quality 3d products for Daz and Poser

The Venetian Guild - wealth, intrigue and power


Purchase from Renderosity: $15.99 (usd) 

what's in the box: 



  • Floor Panel
  • Ceiling Panel
  • Corner Post 
  • Basic Wall - with moveable shutters
  • Hi-Poly Lattice wall 
  • Bench
  • Chair
  • Chair and Bench Cushions (smartpropped)
  • Table
  • Mask (smartpropped to V4 and M4)
  • Draped Cloak Prop
  • Lantern
  • Rolled and Open Scroll
  • Venetian Coin
  • Dribbly Candle
  • Venetian Goblet
  • Decanter
  • Pewter Plate 
Materials (all including Daz optimised files)
  • Floor: Four mats based on authentic medieval tiles
  • Four Basic Wall options: Blank, Glass & Shutters, Painting and Tapestry
  • Four Mask options: Black Leather, Sophis, Phantom and Velvet
  • Three Lantern options: Charcoal, Red and Green
  • Four Cloak options: Red, Teal, Purple and Blue
  • Four Cushion colours: Red, Teal, Purple and Blue - plus Old Gold or New Gold trims
  • Three V4 Poses, mirrored Left and Right
  • Three M4 Poses, mirrored Left and Right 


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