Distant Flame

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Summer Beaches - a very victorian pastime

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What's in the box... 



  • Beach Hut/Bathing Machine with open/close doors
  • Bucket with moveable handle
  • Spade
  • Ginger Beer
  • Candy Floss (zeroed and smartpropped to V4/Kids 4)
  • Stick of Rock (zeroed and smartpropped to V4/Kids 4)
  • Summer Hat (zeroed and smartpropped to V4) 
  • Summer Kite with swingable tail
  • Sand Dune


Materials (Daz optimised files included!):


  • Hut colours - seven options, including Charcoal, Green, Gold, Blue, Rose, Pale Rose and Red
  • Bucket and Spade - seven colours to match the huts
  • Stick of Rock - four delicious flavours - Strawberry, Raspberry, Mint and Lemon
  • Summer Hat - three stylish choices - Sailor Boy, Oxford Black and University Rose




  • Kids and M4 - two starter poses, mirrored Left/ Right
  • V4 - three starter poses, mirrored Left/Right

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