Distant Flame

Quality 3d products for Daz and Poser

Follow the adventure!!

With the best tweet-raconteur around.. Jack Union, Victorian Monster Hunter. Thrill to the hunt and get the tweets delivered direct to your mobile for on-the-move action. Handy whilst in the supermarket, as one never knows when an Air Kraken may poke a tentacle through the freezer section... 

 And don't miss the cross-over stories either... catch up on what his adventurous crew get up to! (Although, in Kent's case, you may not want to know. Shirts and decorum are not always involved... ladies of a nervous disposition may wish to avert their eyes). 

Other Steamy steamy goodness which we love! 

(You may wish to exercise caution, or at least don some protective goggles....)  


  Miss Emilly Ladybird

               Adventuress and Purveyor of Remarkably Beautiful Accessories.


                                                       The Island of Dr Geof

                                                                     Tea!!! Tea!!! And ... other things not really related to tea. 


The Asylum

      The United Kingdoms premier Steampunk Convivial...Have you obtained your tickets yet??? It sells out fast!  This year with added gin! (doubtlessly) 


  The Victorian Steampunk Society

                                           A redoubtable and incidentally very lovely body of ladies and gents                                                         who dedicate a considerable amount of time and effort towards creating steamy events for us to enjoy. Huzzah and thanks!


Blue Lady Couture

Simply stunning bespoke outfits for the most elegant of clients. And the sister-site has some wonderful bridal wear if you are looking for something truly memorable. 

steampunk for sale....