Distant Flame

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What Am I working on?

Actually, most of the time, I don't know either :) It's a totally random process fuelled entirely by tea, sleep deprivation and Sherlock. 

FINALLY!!! Bad medicine is on the way!! As to other developments... umm am not too sure at the moment! There will be stuff but it's all a bit up in the air at the moment. Answers on a postcard, please ;) 

Your lurve is like bad medicine.. 


Hooray!! This is the latest test shot... there's also some round bottles and a little set of scales that aren't shown (because I've not finished texturing them yet!) but with a bit of luck and a following wind it will be off to beta at the end of this week...I'm not about to claim it's historically accurate by any means, but it's heavily referenced from Victorian sources (by that I mean 'various bits sitting on my desk at home and t'internet research'). 

And before you ask, yes the syringe plunger does work :) As someone who's not keen on needles in the first place, Victorian syringes certainly added a whole new terror to the concept of illness...I have to say I think if I'd been Mina Harker, the biggest fear wouldn't have been Dracula turning up to exsanguinate me so much as what the boys had to do to get the blood back in! 

soe radio set

No, it's not been forgotten! And it's annoying the heck out of me that it's not finished. But I've not got the flexes rigged to my satisfaction and am afraid it's gonna have to wait until that's been sorted..  I'll find the time and make it happen as soon as I can, I promise.



Yup, I know I've been asked a few times about this now ;) and many thanks for asking for a start! x Yes, I am aiming for some clothing sets but they're very much in the future. Will they be vintage? Oh hell yeah. Mostly because my rigging skills are still being learnt and I hate doing something half-assed. But there's a few things burning a hole in my mind, wanting to get out ..... soo... one day :) 


Yep. They happen when I can make them. Sorry they're not consistent, but they really do get done 'between everything else' which generally also includes 'sleeping', 'eating', 'working' and 'crawling out of my cave to reassure my family that I've not passed away lately'. Which is a bit of a shame as I'd rather be modelling ;)