Distant Flame

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What's with the name?


"..and little Bunsen lamps, with their blue flickering flame. There was only one student in the room, who was bending over the table absorbed in his work." 

Ok, I confess. I'm a massive Sherlock Holmes fan. The above is the first sight of him in A Study in Scarlet. And as I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time bending over my desk seeking discoveries, or at least trying to unravel apparently insolvable mysteries when modelling, it seemed appropriate ;) 

 Watson has a better moustache than me too. 



I don't own (or even rent on an hourly basis, sadly, given his latest movie incarnation) Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, Baker Street, The Irregulars or indeed anything else even remotely related to the wonderful works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Nor do I claim to. And the reason for any Holmesian-type references liberally scattered throughout pretty much all of my stuff is very simple - I'm a fan, it's fun, I've adored the stories since I first read them at the impressionable age of thirteen, they remain a huge source of pleasure and inspiration to me and I like sharing him :) nothing more nefarious than that. 

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