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Image use

General site logos/advertising/promotional images:

Rule 1: Are not to be randomly stolen and used elsewhere under any circumstances. Not that I'm a nasty person, but they're my 'branding', part of my livelihood and I've worked darn hard on them. 

Rule 2: If you do want to use an image (for almost any non-commercial reason really) drop me a line either via the Contacts page or email skip@distantflame.com - there's every chance I'll say 'yes' quite happily or indeed may have a better copy that I'm happy to send over...   I'm not rabid about having my link/name scrawled all over every surface, it's just nice to know where they're being used, and it's polite to ask, plus it avoids any misunderstandings.

Exceptions to Rule 1:

If you're linking to my site - thank you! :) Please feel free or indeed drop me a line as I've probably got a discreet banner or button I can send you that's better.  

If you happen to like an image so much you want to put it into an online collection...er... slightly more grey area there. I appreciate the publicity, really I do, but a link/credit would be nice as once it's on an unrelated site, it's very easy for people to claim 'orphaned works' ... I'm aware this is a vain ask in the vast world of t'interwebs, but hey... 

Holmes/Watson/Doyle-canon related images in the Holme-Ward

Knock yourself out :) Ok for personal use, websites, clubs, RPG games (private) and indeed pretty much anything you want as long as you are not making money from it and/or passing the artwork off as your own*. Because that, quite frankly sir, is just not cricket.

Exception: Should, for any reason, you want to use them to help raise funds for a (registered where I can find it and check out your participation) Charity event or a (recognised by me) Sherlock/Victoriana/Steampunk-related organisation and any cash is going to help support the club/charity - NOT to a private individual - drop me a line. Chances are the answer will be a resounding 'hellyeah!' and you won't end up with me raining flaming death on your website as I've found a 'commemorative mug' with an image of mine being flogged on there without so much as a by-your-leave (has happened, can you tell? :) 

*although why you'd want to do that with my stuff is beyond me anyway ;)  

Copyright on the Holme-ward images/Sherlock/Watson/Doyle-inspired stuff:

I don't own (or, sadly, even rent on an hourly basis) W.Sherlock.S.Holmes, John.H.Watson Md or any other personage from the Doyle canon. Nor to I claim to. I'm in the UK and the figures are all in public domain over here so there are no issues with me recreating images or meshes from them.

Although a lot of stuff that I do - including commercial - is extremely influenced/inspired by the stories and surrounding mythos, you're far more likely to find anything directly Holmesian in the freestuff section. The reason for this is a) I like sharing my heroes and b) I feel faintly uncomfortable about selling him on, regardless of legality or otherwise. That's not to say that the exuberance doesn't spill over into my work, or that I won't do so if I'm sufficiently excited by something, and you're highly likely to see a reference or two in there, but please don't flame me for making money by pimping him as I generally don't. Although that thought does have it's merits ;)