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Freebie stuff!

To save me from writing this on all of them..: There's more and bigger pictures of each item over in the Gallery - 'Freebies' section, so head on over for a browse if you want a better look at them. And I always love seeing what people have rendered with them, so drop me a line through the contacts page, or by email to skip@distantflame.com if you fancy sharing :) 

All for Daz and Poser (Poser is from v4 up to v6 - haven't had any complaints from higher versions, I just don't own a copy to test in, they should be fine).   Commercial renders/whatever you want to do with any artwork you create from them are a-ok, just don't repackage the mesh/textures and try to pass it off as your own, that's all I ask. 

Seasons Greetings

Here's a little something to help you with the festive mood ;) (No, it's not a bottle of Hendricks Gin, sorry.) But all the DazStudio optimised materials now load automatically when you load up the prop! 


Now available from Share CG and (shortly) Renderosity Freestuff 

Ether - A very victorian Anaesthetic

Well if you need to knock out a heroine, tie someone to the railroad tracks or administer relief to a fallen comrade, this is the bottle for you. The hankie comes with 'face' morph which puts it roughly in the right shape to wrap around someones headly bits. There's also DazStudio optimised materials included - it's really worth applying them to the bottle as it makes a HECK of a difference in the render! (You won't see much in the preview screen, but trust me on this one!)

 Now available for download from ShareCG and  Renderosity Free Stuff.

Ministry of INformation Mugs

There may be doodlebugs zipping overhead, but that's no reason not to stay chipper with a hearty brew! One lovely mug object with three (well, actually six) textures. Yes, that's right - these inspiration WWII classics come with both stained and clean interiors, so you can be as neat or as slovenly as you wish :) 

Now available for download from ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff.

Anchors Aweigh! 

Five pin-up poses, a shiny anchor and a nifty little sailor hat with three mats!! It's a Members Exclusive so you'll need to sign in before you download from here (don't worry, it's free to join and always will be!) 

art deco headdress

Yay! Does it co-ordinate beautifully with the Celebration Chic prop set? Oh heck yes ;) How posh! The hat, feather and veil are all separate material zones too, so you could change it around a bit, if you wanted. All smart-propped to V4 and with a Daz material file too. 
You can download the Art Deco Headdress from ShareCG 

Air Kraken Barometer

Troubled by a tentacle at tiffin? Discommoded by the sudden smell of Calamari on your poop-deck? Worry no longer! The Joyce-Armstrong (I know, I know, I couldn't resist ;) Patented Air Kraken Barometer will warn you of the impeding approach of these pesky beasties, so you can take your dirigible out in peace. 
Download it from ShareCG or Renderosity Free Stuff 

Haz teh noms! 

With apologies to anybody who can spell out there ;) Toffee Apple!! It's positively almost Halloween, and that means the smell of gently burning pumpkin (unless you're old enough, as I am, to remember the time before Pumpkins were popular and it was the smell of gently burning turnips) plus sticky sticky treats! This one comes with four MATs - Caramel, Red Toffee, Green Apple and Red Apple, plus Daz optimised files. And it's zeroed, plus smartpropped to V4 and Kids4.  


Have fun, happy rendering, and it almost counts as one of your five-a-day... ;) Honest...  

Download from ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff

Members exclusive - the alembic

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Brew up a potion, lotion or notion with this exclusive site members Alembic. With moveable taps and bits that come apart, it's ideal for any lab, mad alchemist or indeed just for making a rather nice essential oil with. You'll need to be a site member to download it from here though. 

Members exclusive - halloween skies

Dark and brooding or simply slightly gloomy! Six .bmp files (700 px x 390 px) - ideal for backdrops! 

 Only available to site members - you can download from here.  

The Switch! 

Wether you're raising a monster or diving a submarine, there's always a switch that needs to be thrown! It comes with a moveable handle and can be used by all mad scientists, plucky adventurers and daring captains everywhere...

Now available for download at: ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff  

Skies and Seas - backgrounds


Yay! To celebrate the release of Summer Beaches, here's a pack of ten .jpg backdrops. Handy for, well, wherever you need something sort of watery. And sky-y. Not just for daytime either, there's dawn and dusk options for those long introspective wanders along the cool sand, with the gentle sea breeze lifting your curls. (Not that my hair does that. It sort of blows about a bit and gets stuck in my ice cream, but hey..) 

Now available to download from ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff. 

A Very victorian fan


No, not me hanging about outside of Baker Street ...  ;)

Comes with a Bridal White and Mourning Black texture, plus a zeroed version, a smartpropped version (to V4 although is should get it at least within the vicinity of Aiko and Steph4 hands), and Daz optimised material files. 

Available for download from: ShareCG and Renderosity FreeStuff

Straw Boater

Just in time for summer, a classic straw boater! Ideal for all your dapper gentlemen of fashion... smartpropped to Mike4 and with a Daz material included. Have fun and drop me a message if you render anything exciting with it! :)

 Now available from: ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff



I have no excuse for that pun.. I'm so sorry... but the ducks are cute! As usual, bigger pictures are over in the Gallery (Freebies) and they're available for download, squishing, investigating bath tubs and getting generally soapy over at:

 ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff  


Sorry, couldn't resist! :) It's three glass bell jars, not at all inspired, I promise, by either a certain new Sherlockian movie or the need to limber up a bit with something, having spent the last two weeks holidaying gently...

However, I will say if you google 'specimen jars', or indeed anything similar for reference material, it pays to have a strong constitution and a broad turn of mind! I've come to the conclusion that if it moved, the Victorians stuffed it. Inventively. Of course, if filling them with random body parts, highly surprised animals, and bits of critters from the darkest corners of the globe isn't your thing, one of them would probably do reasonable service as a plant cloche... 

Now available from ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff.  Bigger picture in the gallery under the 'Freebies' section! Daz optimised files included :) 



Just a little cogbase I threw together as a statuette-type stand for your Steamie figures to pose on. It's got a couple of material zones though, plus a Daz optimised material file (find it lurking in the 'Poses' folder), so you could easily add it to larger scenes as suitably coggy indicidental detail.

 Now available for download from: ShareCG and Renderosity 

Check out the 'Freebies' section of the Gallery for more pictures. 

Hooray! Freebie!


Albert is in da house! Because even mad scientists need someone to hug after a day of hard Tesla-coil manipulation and world domination.

Ahem, sorry, Albert Waterloo-Caine, the Steampunk Teddy is now available for download from: 

ShareCG and Renderosity Free Stuff 

 More to follow soon. I have plans ... bwahahahahaahahahah! (PS: For bigger pictures, check out the 'Freebies' section of the Gallery.)