Summer Beaches - A Very Victorian Pastime Summer Beaches - A Very Victorian Pastime Hooray for Summer! Sorry, although the clothing, characters and hair aren't included (basically, everything in grey), the rest is. Mummmm rock, candyfloss, refreshing ginger beer and sand between the toes :) This set got inspired by a trip to the beach with my Nan. Thanks Nan! :) 94989829 Hut hut hut! Weeeeee! Huts and Bathing Machines! Seven hot hut colours and you can turn the wheels or base off with a single click. Nice and easy for your bathing maidens.. :) or misters. 94982656 Buckets and Spades galore... One bucket is never enough on a beach. Or at least it wasn't when we were kids. You can swing the handles too, plus there's four nom-able flavours of Rock for when you get bored of handle-swinging. 94982654 Hats ahoy Look discreet and demure in University Rose, chic and classy in Oxford Black or, if you prefer, a bit of 'allo Sailor! ;) 94982655 Whatcha get In the pack. Does what it says on the tin :) 94982657 Starter Poses Short on time? The set includes starter poses for Vickie 4, Mike 4 and the Daz kids. Actually, all the poses work fairly well on all the models, so it's worth trying, say, the Mike pose on Vickie. And the Vickie poses on Aiko 4 and Stephanie 4. You might need to tweak them a little, but they come out pretty well. 94982658 And for those introspective moments.. Don't forget to download the related freebie pack - ten Skies and Seas .jpgs, ideal for backdrops. From sunny sunny days to evening strolls along the sand... 94982653