Freebies Freebies Ether.. a very Victorian Anaesthetic Alongside of chloroform, this was a tremendous breakthrough in pain relief during the Victorian ere. Being the Victorians, they promptly embraced it and it subsequently turned up in all sorts of odd preparations! These days it's probably best remembered for moustachioed villains knocking out feisty heiresses with no thought of 'overdose' or 'respiritory failure'. 121685744 Daz Mats included! The one on the left (as you're looking at it) is rendered 'out of the box' in Daz Studio.. the one on the right has the Daz optimised materials applied to it... a little different, c'est non? :) 121685745 Cough cough... The hankie has a small morph injected, so it changes to something *roughly* (and I do stress the word 'roughly!') of a shape that will fit round a V4 face. Just in case you've got a heroine that doesn't want to be tied to the train tracks :) 121685746 MOI Mug Mats Ah, the classic 'don't worry chaps, we might be being shelled nightly by the huns, but there's always a cup of tea at the end of it!' WWII Ministry of Info posters. Don't think they ever actually made them into mugs, but, by George, they should have ;) 113684208 MOI Mug Innards... All three textures come with a clean and a stained version. You've no idea how much tea I had to drink to get the photos of those stains. Seriously. I was awash for hours. 113684209 Anchors Aweigh Poses Yep, five pin up poses based (very remotely) somewhere between Vargas and Sailor Jerry...! Sort of ... :) 113585037 Anchors Aweigh Props A handy anchor, complete with swingable d-shackle and a smartpropped hat! The hat comes with three oh-so-cute mats and looks adorable on the right girl :) (in this case, V4. Although there's no reason why you couldn't use it on Michael 4 with a bit of readjustment to position and scale.) 113585038 Feathers! vA Va vOOm Well, not quite... it's hardly a fan dance, but it is rather smart. The good news is that the veil, feathers and top material are all separate mat zones, so you can easily convert it to a headband, lose the veil or ditch the feathers, should you wish. 110268928 Art Deco Earring Smart props on both left and right to V4.. so with a bit of tweaking, it should work with Aiko 4, The Girl 4, Stephanie 4 and Mike 4 (if you wanted). 110268927 And the other side.. Mumm... chinoiserie. (I've probably just misspelt that really badly...) 110268929 Dialy stuff The side needles move, allowing you to set the vector and azimuth. And of course the center dial needles also swing round too (well, how else would you know a Kraken was approaching ;) 109750526 The Air Kraken Barometer In all it's rampant glory... 109750527 Warning Bell and Cephalopod I have to say, texturing the tentacles was a bit of a pain... mostly because I tried to take short cuts, then had to go back and do it properly. Clearly representations of a Lovecraftian horror resent not having time spent on them ;) 109750528 Wormies I have absolutely no idea what they do, but the darn thing just didn't seem to want to work when I took them out... 109750529 Mouthwatering! Well, four flavours of Material anyway.. Caramel, Green Apple, Red Apple and Red Toffee - mix n match! 101967821 From the top Mummmmmmmm..... sticky! 101967822 Shock! Apple Nudity!! Avert your gaze! (The apple textures aren't really designed to be seen on their own, but this is what they look like. In case you're curious :) Yes, there is 20% reflection added to the front toffee in this one. No, that's not in the materials as it can make slower computers hang f'rever. 101967823 The bits.. In case you need an explosion inna lab to happen. Or just to take the top off something. 101360837 Moving Handles! Yes, they do move! So no getting your distillation stuck in your pipes. Er. Well, you know what I mean... 101360838 Around the back. The rear of the set. Just thought you might like to see it :) Phwoar.. check out the rear of that alembic baby! 101360836 Alembic-y glory Well, this one has 40% reflection added. Mostly because I like it. The reflection isn't included in the material file as it tends to make slower computers hang up on renders forever. But it does look rather nice if you feel inclined to add it in yourself :) 101360835 Halloween Skies Available for all your dark n stormy moments! .bmp files.. Lingering Storm, Black as Yer Hat, Burning Villages, Gathering Gloom and Bad Moon Rising... 101361085 The Switch 1 Wether it's Nemo sending the submarine to the bottom of the ocean or Frankenstein raising his monster, you can't do it without a switch 99263410 The Switch 2 Resting gently. Waiting to unleash mayhem. 99263407 The Switch 3 Waiting to flick to 'On' and destroy the world. Possibly even the universe. 99263409 The Switch 4 In it's customary 'just been reached in the nick of time by a hero(ine)' 'Off' position 99263408 Skies and Seas These are all ten of the .jpg backgrounds in the freebie pack. Yes, they are all larger than shown :) (800 px x 447 px to be exact) 94987009 ... the missing sky The eagle-eyed amongst you (good grief that was fast! :) have pointed out that the main pic only shows nine skies... erm... sorry about that! Here's the missing one! Obviously 'don't photoshop in lieu of sleep' is the lesson here. Either that or I just can't count. I'm prepared to accept either... 94989324 Very Victorian Fan Modelling here the Mourning Black texture :) 90327035 Fan Two And the other side .. with the Bridal White applied.. 90327036 Sorry, girl not available! Just the fan, folks! She just very kindly agreed to model it for me :) 90327037 Straw Boater 1 Humm... well clearly one too many glasses of Pimms at Henley. The poor thing seems to be drifting off downstream. 88380679 Straw Boater 2 Going to take some drying out, but don't worry! The one in the zip file is ready for you to use. Mike won't get a soggy head from it, I promise ;) 88380680 Straw Boater 3 Grabbed my favourite Baker St Boy and made him pose for me in the new hat. Not sure he was too impressed ;) Sorry, HAT ONLY included in the freebie! (Other credits: Beck for the Morris skin, Valea for Bijou Hair and Ravenhair for M4 Regency - all available at Daz/Renderosity). 88380681 Observing 'I say Sherduck, what inferences do you draw from that remarkable sight?' 86496443 Deducing 'Quick Duckson! The soap's afoot!' 86496442 Cuddlin' Er, it's because they're ducks, ok... and it makes me go 'awwww'. 86496444 Bell Jars 1 Ready for stuffing :) Rendered in Daz. I've added 70% reflection in the Surfaces parameters of the outside glass for these two shots, but haven't included it in the material settings, as I've spent too long in the past cursing a render that's hung for hours due to an unknown reflection that's been lurking somewhere! 84733117 Bell Jars 2 I'd have put the traditional three shots up, but there's only so many sides a glass jar has :) 84733118 Cogbase 3 It's not really designed to be seen from the back, but thought I'd include a shot so you can check it out at all angles. 81598134 Cogbase2 Now available for download :) 81598133 Cogbase1 Test rendering in Daz studio 81598132 Albert Waterloo-Caine - View 1 Now available from the links in the Freebies tab! With added moustache.. 80701470 Albert - Rear View Apparently the note of 'add electrodes to Albert' between 'buy tea' and 'cats/vet' is not a normal thing to see stuck on the fridge.. 80701469 Albert - View 3 Albert capturing his best side. Ready to be loved by Mad Scientists everywhere. 80701471 Coming Soon! Albert Waterloo-Caine... currently in need of finishing off, but he should be in the Freebies section inside the week .. :) 80429557