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Holme-ward bound

 If you hadn't noticed, there's a bit of Holmesian obsession going on here.. so this page has been set up in a vain attempt to get all, well some, er...a bit of the Sherlock stuff off the rest of the site and stop it from taking over :)


Sherlock On the Web Today


During recent renovation work at 221b Baker Street. We can only assume the good doctor had a profound enthusiasm for the new craze of photography. It appears Holmes did not always share his exuberance...



Done in idle moments...  and am sure more will get added as I have future idle moments (ie am skiving off or frustrated at a modelling issue and need a break). The thumbnail is just to give you an idea :) To see the full thing, click the size you want (alright, there is only one size at the moment! I know, I know!) , then right-click on the picture and 'save as' to save it to your machine. 

Classic Holmes & Watson: Based (loosely!!) on Sidney Pagets drawings in the Strand Magazine). 



Holmes :1280x1024   

and his boswell...

 Watson: 1280x1024 

And in case you can't decide...


Nope, I couldn't either!  So here's both of them...

Double Trouble: 1280x1024 





Just a small collection (of the zillions out there) that you might find interesting/informative. I don't take any responsibility for content as they're all well beyond my control :) Also please drop me a line via the 'Contacts' page or email me@distantflame.com if a link is broken, as I don't check them on a daily basis and '404 page not found'  is just horrible. 

Read the Canon Online:

 The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Spellbreaker)               Read Sherlock 

Read some other (non-canon!) books: Wherever good books/graphic novels are found (try Amazon)

A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman The Seven Percent Solution - Nicholas Meyer

The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club - Kim Newman

Canon-Based/Research Holmesian-type sites:

Sherlockian.net    IMDB - Internet Movie Database

Wikipedia - Sherlock Holmes      The Sherlock Holmes Museum

           The Sherlock Holmes Society of London 


Off-Canon/Fanfiction type stuff - SEE BELOW BEFORE PROCEEDING!

A Small Patch of Mist - sadly there's been nothing new posted for a while, but I live in hope ...

The Sexiest lines in Holmes Canon  - admittedly proof that some of us have far too dirty minds

Sacrilege!  - what it says on the package.

DeviantArt - the site title sounds FAR worse than it is :) Like all stuff on DA, a huge variety in quality, but hunt for artists Sadyna, Spicysteweddemon, SingleSorsa, Paperflower86 and Kuroineko for some gallerys containing 'awww/cute' rather than 'good grief/my eyeballs!'  

off-canon/fanfiction sites

Warning: Contains Slash/Fluff! If you're not familiar with the terms, it's fanfiction which portrays male characters as rather more then Just Good Friends. Possibly doing MUCH more than holding hands behind Milverton's curtain. 

But, before you flame me for even entertaining the notion, it's hardly a new concept and I venture to theorise (with no data, admittedly) that it was probably first bandied about, ooooh around Boxing Day, 1887. Once all the pudding had been eaten, Uncle Wenlock had fallen asleep on the sofa and Beetons Christmas Album had been finished :) 

One of the most wonderful things I ever read regarding ACD's stories (and I wish I could remember who the heck penned it!) was that he 'wrote the lines far enough apart for us all to read what we wanted between them'. So if it's not your thing (or you're under 18) just have a little caution with the links above.

Copyright stuff

Any Holmes-related pics I post are fine for non-commercial use - of course if you use them for anything exciting, I'd love to hear about it! For more details, click on the link above.